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Let’s Play They Hunger

February 20, 2010

FAWM is 3/4 of the way over and I haven’t written a single song. I just can’t seem to get in the mood for it. However, I have been doing something else. I’ve been making “Let’s Play” videos for They Hunger. If you’re not familiar with what a Let’s Play is, well, in this case it’s when some one plays a video game and records themselves while doing it. Talking over it while they’re playing. You have to be a pretty big nerd to want to watch some one else play a game. I mean, why not just play it yourself, right? Well, I thought that too at first. But then I started watching some Let’s Plays of games I’ve always been vaguely interested in, but never enough to actually play them. And, depending on the “Let’s Player,” it can actually be a very entertaining thing to watch. So I decided to make my own. WARNING: Lots of profanity. Here is a link to my new youtube channel for it. And here is the first video:

Let me know what you think, dear nonexistent readers.


FAWM Approaches! (a blog renewed?)

January 12, 2010

Frightening prospect. Maybe this blog will get some use now? Sorry about that, dear nonexistent readers. It turned out that my back has gotten so bad that I can’t actually sit upright in a chair at a table/desk long enough to solder anything. It was very frustrating to realize that after all the planning and preparation I’d done. Oh well.

So yes, FAWM. That’d be February Album Writing Month for you noobs out there. Who knows how much I’ll write this year. Though if I do finish anything, I have a feeling the quality will be a bit better this time. Not the writing quality – oh no that will still be terrible – but the production quality. It’ll still be noisy and lo-fi sounding, but there should be better drums and stuff. We shall see.

During FAWM, I’ll probably do a lot of whining and complaining here on this blog to get my frustrations out while attempting to write. I might even cross-post the songs here as well as on the FAWM site.


September 2, 2009

I really hate “first!” posters and I suppose I hate first posts as well. To get things started off, here’s something I made recently:

Here we have a mashup. The songs being “All of Your Love” by Hellogoodbye and “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3. I call it “Don’t Trust Your Love.” Logical title, no?

I’m currently taking part in the 50 Songs in 90 Days challenge. Well, theoretically, anyways. It started on July 1st and I’ve only completed one song. Whoops. I’d post it here, but I haven’t figured out how to post a flash mp3 player yet. That demo of it sucks anyways. I need to redo it. But yeah, I’ve actually been working on two songs in the last week or so. Problem is I’m not in the mood for it very often. I open them up once a day or so, maybe add or tweak something, then close them. Both songs are nowhere near done. Pathetic really, considering I finished that first song in a matter of hours. Going to be using some new techniques this time, however. We’ll see how that goes.