My Custom-Built Portable Gaming PC

Figures I’d post this here last, days after posting it elsewhere. On another note, I did finish my Let’s Play of The Dark Eye recently. I also participated in FAWM but only posted one finished song. And only got one comment on it. Heh. Oh well. Anyways, on with the PGPC.

8 inch touchscreen LCD
Integrated Xbox 360 controller with Playstation D-pad and face buttons for shoulder buttons
Mini ITX Socket P motherboard – for laptop CPUs
Intel T7300 Core 2 Duo 2GHz 4mb L2 cache
4GB of DDR3
Geforce 9100m 512mb shared
500GB hard drive

Half-built-in wifi – USB dongle inside, motherboard has mini PCI-Express slot but haven’t gotten a card for it yet. Not that I have to. It’s under the righthand control panel and I can take it out very easily. Motherboard also has HDMI out, so this thing will occasionally run double-duty as an HTPC in my house.

The case is made from two OKW enclosures glued back to back, heavily modified of course. You can see where I screwed up the paint job. Maybe some day I’ll fix it.

No internal batteries. I know. I know. Believe me I know. It’s kills me, but it’s just too heavy. I designed it with batteries in mind. I have the power switch for it, the charging jack, the battery life indicator – ALL integrated already. But I decided against putting the batteries in. Right now, it’s already heavy. If I were to add the batteries, it’d be unplayably heavy. I’m going to have to make them into an external pack. As much as it saddens me.

I wanted a motherboard that was very upgradeable, which this one is. I can put a much better CPU in there in the future and maybe bump it up to 8GB if I get Windows 7. I also wanted a motherboard that had a PCI-Express slot. The idea was, when you’re at home, you plug in your awesome desktop card and you’ve got a really decent gaming PC that can run just about anything. I have the riser card and “cartridge slot” cover, but not bothering putting them in until I can afford a better power brick that can handle the amperage.


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