The Day After Summer Vacation

I wanted to link some one this thing I wrote and realized I didn’t have it hosted anywhere to be able to link it. For some backround: Around 2002 after American Idol came out and was all the rage, members of a forum I called home held an “Idol” competition of their own. Rather than singing, the contestants wrote something specific that was laid out to us by the “host” of the competition. One of the challenges was to write a fake interactive fiction (text adventure) transcript of some one playing a nonexistent game. Some people went the serious route, or the realistic route, or the creative route. I went the comedic route. Well, sort of. I wanted to demonstrate how I felt when playing some of the more annoying IF games. Anyways, here it is. It is called “The Day Before Summer Vacation.”



You’re standing in a pit. It’s dark.


THE DAY BEFORE SUMMER VACATION is now in its “verbose” mode, which always gives long descriptions of locations (even if you’ve been there before).


You’re still in a pit, but you got tired of standing so you sat down. It’s still dark.

The only exit is up.


You try your best to climb up the side of the pit, but it’s no use. You fall back down and sprain your left leg.

Something hits you on the head.


You’re hopping on one foot in a dark pit, rubbing your head.

If you still care, the only exit is up.

You see an object in front of you, but it’s too dark to make it out.

>examine object

It seems to be a rope with a cylindrical-shaped rock tied to one end. Your friends at the top of the pit must have stopped laughing and decided to give you some help. If you can call this help. They threw down their only rope and didn’t hold on to the end so you could climb out. It probably has something to do with them being drunk.

>take rope

Which rope? The rope with the rock tied to it, or the rope your friends threw down?

>aren’t they the same?

Shut up. Which one?

>Take rope with rock


You’re still in a dark pit.

The only exit is still up.

>throw rope

Which direction would you like to throw the rope?


You throw the rope upwards with all your might, but due to the weight of the rock, it sails back down and hits the only part of your head that wasn’t sore.

Something plunks on the ground right in front of you.

You hear some one at the top of the pit yell “Stop throwing my stuff at him! If you’re gonna throw stuff, throw his stuff!”


You’re in a dark pit, barely conscious from massive blows to the head. You can no longer feel your left leg at all.

The only exit is up.

There is a zippo lighter at your feet.

>take lighter

>examine self

You’re a 21 year old college student at GSU. You’d be pretty good looking if you weren’t bleeding profusely from your head and hobbling on one foot.

It might be a good time to save.

Good idea. Saved.

>light lighter

You light the lighter and flinch at the bright flame. It goes out after 5 seconds.

You hear your friends up above, leaving. You are now SCREWED.

Would you like to:

Restore Complete.

>examine lighter

It’s too dark to see it very well.

You hold it up to your ear and shake it. You can’t hear anything. It must be about empty.

Your hear your friends above, leaving.

>use lighter on rope

You light the rope just before the lighter fades out. The rope burns up quickly.

The rock explodes.


Would you like to:

Restore Complete.

>light lighter, examine rock

With the firelight, you can see things much more clearly.

It seems this rock is not a rock at all, but a pipe bomb. The rope is actually the fuse.

You’re beginning to wonder if you’ve made the right friends at school.

The lighter goes out.

You hear your friends up above, leaving. You are now SCREWED.

Would you like to:

Restore Complete.

>drop rock

>Light lighter then drop it. Go up.

You quickly light the lighter and drop it on the ground as you attempt to climb the side of the pit for the third time.

The fuse lights and the pipe bomb explodes, sending you upward at an alarming rate.

You have made it out of the pit alive! Well, partially alive.


You’re in a semi-dark cavern.

Exits lead to the North in where your friends are and the South to the exit of the cavern.

There is a pit just to the East of you.


You sheepishly head towards your former friends.

You slip on a puddle and fall back in the pit.

You moron.


Would you like to:



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