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Let’s Play They Hunger

February 20, 2010

FAWM is 3/4 of the way over and I haven’t written a single song. I just can’t seem to get in the mood for it. However, I have been doing something else. I’ve been making “Let’s Play” videos for They Hunger. If you’re not familiar with what a Let’s Play is, well, in this case it’s when some one plays a video game and records themselves while doing it. Talking over it while they’re playing. You have to be a pretty big nerd to want to watch some one else play a game. I mean, why not just play it yourself, right? Well, I thought that too at first. But then I started watching some Let’s Plays of games I’ve always been vaguely interested in, but never enough to actually play them. And, depending on the “Let’s Player,” it can actually be a very entertaining thing to watch. So I decided to make my own. WARNING: Lots of profanity. Here is a link to my new youtube channel for it. And here is the first video:

Let me know what you think, dear nonexistent readers.