(still hating Nintendo) Planning Begins

My right arm, which was the one that was screwed up, felt a little better today. The strength is definitely back, for certain. Stability as well. As in, theoretically I think I could hold a soldering iron pretty steady. Still a bit sore though. However, my left arm decided to betray me today. I understand why. I mean, all day yesterday I did pretty much everything with my left hand/arm. It was over-used. Blargh. Rather than push on, I decided to try and give both arms a rest today. I tried not to do much of anything with either of them.

What I did do though is sort of plan out my main project I’m planning to do. It’s a multi-system portable. Sort of a combination of three of my previous projects. It’s going to be a PSOne, an NES and a GBA. Why those three? Well, because that’s what I’ve got handy. The NES is actually a Yobo and takes up very little room. The GBA and transverter doesn’t take up much more, though they’re definitely awkwardly shaped. And the PSOne, well, my first one worked, but was a bit of a mess. It was my first portable and my soldering skills were terrible. Not only that, but the soldering iron I had back then had a HUGE tip and I couldn’t be precise at all. I’ve still got the guts to it, but they’ve been thrashed around in a box so much that I’m not going to bother trying to use them. I have another PSOne though which has never been cracked open before.

I took it apart and figured out how I want to do some things with it. The case I’m going to use for this multi-system thing is a flat square tupperware container. I’m not sure if it’s actually Tupperware brand. Though since it was given to me by my mother, it most likely is. It’s a very sturdy one, not one of those cheap things you can buy for like a dollar at walmart. Should work decently enough. I laid out everything inside it and figured out how I’m going to put it all in. The GBA slot is going to be on the front, unfortunately. Unless I decide to do a cart slot relocation. We’ll see.

It’s going to be a total frankencase sort of thing, which I actually haven’t done a whole lot before. This is actually what I’m most excited about. I can’t wait to get to work on it. I will post a follow-up to this with some crude illustrations and descriptions of the design either before I go to bed, or tomorrow morning. Right now I’m going to start biting into the plastic of the PSOne controller.


2 Responses to “(still hating Nintendo) Planning Begins”

  1. Danielle Nadorff Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t you put roms for the gba and nes on a cd to play on the ps one? Then, all you need is the psOne (and love. Do do dooo do do).

  2. sean2b Says:

    Not really. There’s not really much homebrew software for the PSOne. There is one NES emulator that half-works but isn’t worth bothering with. And then there’s a Gameboy emulator (original gameboy, you know, black and white, etc.) that really doesn’t work at all.

    Now, if it were a PS2, I would need to buy and install a mod chip , then install a new BIOS, THEN I could run some emulators and lots of other software. I just did a quick check at Zophar’s Domain and don’t see any GBA emulators for it there. Which is weird, but not entirely surprising. The GBA was actually a fairly powerful handheld. More powerful than the Super Nintendo. Which makes it more difficult to emulate on slower machines like a PS2.

    Also, part of the fun of these handhelds is using the original cartridges and discs. There’s just something so nice about being able to use all those old cartridges. The tactile sensation and the aesthetic. Otherwise, I could just try and get my hands on a PSP, DS, or GP2X and load them up with emulators. Less fun to me. I’m too nerdy for that.

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