Project ADD

This is a real issue for me. It always has been. I’ll plan out something or start working on something and then suddenly a new project occurs to me and I move onto that. This tends to result in a lot of half-finished things. We’re going to call this phenomena “Project ADD” or “pADD” for short.

So, since my arm was screwed up today and I couldn’t do anything, I spent a lot of time surfing and researching different things. I’ve got a laptop that I bought well over a year ago that I’d planned to upgrade and resell. Never got around to it (standard pADD) and when I wanted to again, I suddenly had no money. It still needs a hard drive. Well, I still don’t have any money. But I want to get some use out of it, even if I can’t sell it yet. I’m now planning on building a hard drive converter to be able to use a larger 3.5″ hard drive with it. Since that’s all I’ve got. It’s going to be fairly simple, yet time consuming. I mean, it’s 40 pins! Crazy. It’ll probably take an hour or two. Who knows. If I remember to, I’ll take pictures of it.

So that’s what I’m planning to do tomorrow assuming my arm feels better. Unless the dreaded pADD strikes again.


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