I hate Nintendo

Want to know a way to really screw up your arm for a day or two? Take something small, the size of pen, and push it against something as hard as you possibly can. Then, while still pushing as hard as you can, rotate that pen counter-clockwise. Do this over and over for two hours. Congrats, you’ve badly strained the muscles in your arm! Enjoy the extremely uncomfortable pain that will make sleeping that night nearly impossible.

Why did Nintendo have to use those fricken security screws on their consoles? WHY? I hates them. I hates them so much. I still have three screws to go, but there’s no way I can get them out now. My arm is so useless. The N64 wasn’t even necessarily the first project I was going to try building. I just wanted a look at the circuit board.

I highly doubt I can solder today. My arm will not hold anything steady and I can’t lift anything more than like a pound or two. Which means I can’t play guitar either. I can’t do anything today! I can barely use a mouse.



2 Responses to “I hate Nintendo”

  1. XCVG Says:

    If you have to unscrew that many, maybe you should invest in a gamebit. If you can’t afford a gamebit, maybe you should ghetto one. If you can’t ghetto one, get a friend to do the pen trick. If you’re like me and don’t have any friends (at least ones that care about modding), I guess you’re kinda screwed there.

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