Gathering Electronic Crap

Well, I spent I don’t know how many hours going through boxes and digging out anything and everything related to video game console hacking. That includes all my old consoles, controllers, cords, memory cards/rumble packs and games. All my previous projects (in their half-dismantled states) which includes the all-important LCD screens. All my little bits and pieces and switches and other junk. All my soldering equipment (which isn’t really anything but the iron and some solder).

I’ve got so many ideas of crap I want to try. However, I’ve never been the type to post a progress thread at benheck or modretro. If I get stuck, I’ll post a thread specifically about that problem. I prefer to only show my work when it is finished. That way, if something goes wrong and I never get to finish it, I don’t look like an idiot. I’ve seen so many people start threads there about stuff they never finish. Or stuff they ended up ruining. No, I’d rather just lay it on them. Like, “Here! Look at this crap I just made!”

Mental note: Lower the usage of the word “crap” because it’s really become a crappy habit. Crap.


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